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We love a good story

And we love being part of creating them. Every member of our crew is a storyteller at heart and cares about digging up and telling the stories that matter most in the world today.
Our story

Building product and talking to users

Nov 2021

New PhysiPal is born

After collating input from hundreds of clinicians and patients, we realise we need to do.
Dec 2021

A budding prototype

The wireframe is assembled, an early prototype is put to end-users for testing.
Feb 2022

Gaining recognition.

Digital Health Festival invites us to showcase our work.

Launch 🚀

We're ready to bring PhysiPal to the masses.

We're selective but our numbers speak for themselves

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Give back to the world
Share stories with a heart
Work with like-minded people
Build communities
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Work That Matters

We don't sell at any cost

Or run after unrealistic, aggressive monthly numbers. We center people in everything we do and we love working with companies that share our ethos.

Purpose-Built Team

Our founding team is purpose-built to bring you PhysiPal, a dynamic duo with 15+ years of domain and technical experience.
We're supported by our partners and team of advisors, engineers, and creatives.
Aaya Hakeem
Ahmed Hakeem
Nic Bolto
Toby McSweeney
Meg Morris
Matt Godden
Toh Yen Pang
Senior Engineer
Ying Zhi Cheong
Engineer/Market Researcher
Hayden Kwok
Rei Tzer
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