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What is PhysiPal?

PhysiPal is a patient engagement platform that integrates multiple evidence-based adherence facilitators into a daily to-do list for the patient.
Rich text features allow clinicians to communicate effectively with their patients remotely, including completing an assessment, sending prescriptions, and sending motivation.
There is also a moderated social community for patients to support each other.

Is PhysiPal free?

We're working towards creating the optimum product to support clinicians. Until we reach that stage, PhysiPal will be free to our early believers.

I'm not a physiotherapist, can I use PhysiPal?

Yes! PhysiPal is built on evidence-based principles of treatment engagement primarily from physiotherapy practice; however, the principles hold across all clinical practices. At this stage the inline health literacy is geared towards physiotherapy and musculoskeletal allied health practice, as we develop, libraries will be curated in other areas of clinical practice. Follow our socials for announcements. Otherwise, get in touch to discuss your specific needs. 


Why doesn't PhysiPal host telehealth?

We want to add value, not frustration. Video streaming technology does not work well as an add-on and often causes difficulties for users.
We have found that using text communication creates more value for our users. Text keeps a record, patients return to the chat for reference, and clinicians respond as time allows.
Teleconsulting software is best when purpose-built, shout-out to Coviu, an Australian company with purpose-built telehealth hosting.

Is my patient's data protected in PhysiPal?

Yes, PhysiPal has taken appropriate measures to ensure you and your patients' data is secure.

Who makes the Inline Health Literacy content?

The inline health literacy content is a vetted educational library authored by a practicing physiotherapist. It is fully customizable, and each clinician can also create content relevant to their practice.

Why is there no exercise library?

We have first-hand experience with cumbersome and huge libraries that often need to be tweaked to fit our patients.
We've realised that the most engaging exercise video for patients is one of them themselves doing the exercise. It reminds patients that they can do it, and it significantly reduces confusion about the prescription.
PhysiPal has integrated this into the platform. You can easily take a video in the app and add sets/reps etc., to feed into your patient's engagement loop.

Can patients talk to each other in the community?

Patients can send supportive reactions to each others' posts, but they cannot leave comments or reach each other for a chat.

Does PhysiPal support clinical teams?

Yes, PhysiPal operates on a clinic-basis. Patients are added to clinics, and clinicians are invited to the clinic by the clinic admin. Clinicians can see each other's patients, and access information as required to create a seamless experience when sharing care.

Is PhysiPal available in the US?

At this stage, PhysiPal is focused on servicing our local market in Australia. As PhysiPal develops, we will start to service other countries. Keep an eye on our socials for the announcement.