Business Specialist

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Have a business mind.

We are looking for relentless business people that are changing the rules.

We are breaking the clinical business model

And we're building healthcare from the ground up.

We need creative business people that are confident enough to set the rules for the new normal.

We are in the business of improving healthcare for all

We are creating equality in healthcare for all parties involved.

Healthcare has traditionally been a zero-sum game, we need thoughtful business people that are able to think outside the box and get healthcare working for everyone.

We don't believe in relentless oversight

We do our best work autonomously, and are looking for others that will do the same.

We are building the future and don't have time to manage you, we are looking for people that believe in the vision and are working for a stake in the future.

Remote, International
Empolyement Basis
Salaray range
$80-120k + Equity