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PhysiPal is only as big as it's community, we're looking for people that can rally the masses.

We are breaking the clinical business model

We are looking for relentless, inspirational people to lead our revolution.

When it comes to healthcare, clinicians and patients are stubborn, we are looking for believers that are able to convince and inspire people that the there is need for change.

We are building for the future

We are looking for trend-setters

Our users are ahead of their time, we need leaders to set their narrative.

We don't believe in relentless oversight

We do our best work autonomously, and are looking for others that will do the same.

We are building the future and don't have time to manage you, we are looking for people that believe in the vision and are working for a stake in the future.

Remote, International
Empolyement Basis
Salaray range
$120-$150k + Equity