Software Developer

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Don't do as you're told.

We are looking for software developers that are looking to define their practice.

We are breaking the clinical business model

We are looking for creative, motivated, software developers that will define this endeavour.

So often software developers are stifled with external to-dos, at PhysiPal, we are building the future. Everyone on board will be defining this vision.

We are harnessing the power of the digital age

We are building for the forward-thinker who are utilising the latest tech.

Our customers are always looking for the next best, we need engineers that have experience or are willing to learn how to exploit this tech to stay ahead of the trends.

We don't believe in relentless oversight

We do our best work autonomously, and are looking for others that will do the same.

We are building the future and don't have time to manage you, we are looking for people that believe in the vision and are working for a stake in the future.

Remote, International
Empolyement Basis
Salaray range
$100-$120k + Equity