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Frequently asked questions

What is PhysiPal?

PhysiPal is a patient engagement platform that integrates multiple evidence-based adherence facilitators along with advanced telehealth and AI tools to reduce clinical workload.

See the features section to learn more.

I'm not a Physiotherapist, can I use PhysiPal?

Yes! PhysiPal is built on evidence-based principles of treatment engagement primarily from physiotherapy practice; however, the principles hold across all clinical practices.

You are also free to contribute to the Inline Health Literacy wiki and prescription library for your specific area.

Follow our socials for announcements. Otherwise, to discuss your specific needs.

Who makes content for Inlne Health Literacy and Prescription Libraries?

Content is made by both our in-house qualified Physiotherapists and allied health practitioners on PhysiPal. We allow clinicians on PhysiPal to add and share content with appropriate attribute.

Is PhysiPal Free?

We offer trial periods for anyone who asks. After using PhysiPal and its features for a few weeks we believe you'll have a good understanding of the return on investment.

How do I create an account?

You can sign up through the mobile app or at

For payments through funders, medicare or WorkSafe you'll need to have an AHPRA number.

Payouts can be enabled by adding a bank account.

Is my patient data protected in PhysiPal?

We take every measure possible to ensure data is secure, to learn more visit the security page.

Does PhysiPal support clinical teams?

PhysiPal has numerous features designed to make it easier for clinicians to work together when treating a patient, even between clinics. Learn more here.