The first in a new line of take-home rehabilitation devices. SafeFlex is a proactive device that applies the necessary torque to help your patient perform their knee rehab exercises at home safely.

Evidence Based, Easy to Use

SafeFlex is an evidence-based knee exercise assistant modelled on our product principles of accessibility, continuity, and engagement.

Supervised Remote Therapy

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Feedback of knee movement during prescribed exercise via an analogue goniometer that moves passively as the knee is moved.

Visual Goals
Autonomous Progress Tracking

Potential Benefits:
Improved confidence
Consistent improvement
Reduced anxiety and pain during exercise
Early flag for problem recovery

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Active Care

Clinician-grade physiological mobilisation of the knee

• Adequate force application to mobilise the knee
• Autonomous mobilisation to visual goals

Potential Benefits:
Reduced incidence of stiffness post operatively
Reduced incidence of arthrofibrosis
Rapid improvement in knee movement
Significant improvement in knee movement

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SafeFlex has no useless bells and whistles. This means it is more affordable, and less complicated to use than several competing products.

Patented Hinge Follows Natural Movement
The hinge follows the natural movement of the knee in the sagittal plane, accounting for anterior-posterior translation with rotation. This means it is more comfortable and accurate.

User Experience Focused Design
SafeFlex is designed by ergonomic and user experience specialists with a focus on increasing engagement and adherence.

SafeFlex is in R&D

We're seeking researchers who may be interested in conducting a study on the efficacy of SafeFlex once it is in beta prototype phase.
If this sounds like you, or you have any queries/comments, please get in touch.
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