Healthcare beyond the clinic.

PhysiPal is built with clinicians and patients utilising evidence-based facilitators to improve outcomes.
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Research-backed product principles.


Patient health literacy and effective communication help patients independently perform their HEP.
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Maintaining support for patients outside the clinic facilitates the formation of healthy habits.


Community support and gamification motivate patients to proactively manage their health.

We know the level of care you want to provide.

Elevate your patient's health literacy.

IHL allows you to quickly embed rich explanations for common and complex topics into your conversation flow, so you can give effective and thorough education in a fraction of the time.

Give your patient supportive peers.

When inviting patients to PhysiPal, you give them access to a moderated community of people going through their own healthcare journey who can provide support from a place of experience, not just empathy.

The best kudos at the right time.

Patients who complete exercises or post about their journey can receive support from clinicians and fellow patients, which is then delivered as part of the patients next day of HEP. Giving them the motivational boost they need just before starting their exercises.

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