A team with a mission

We empower you to empower your patients.

We created PhysiPal in 2021 to level the playing field in healthcare.

Champion equality
Improve health literacy
Build communities
Give back to the world
Since we started sharing our vision for PhysiPal, we've seen clinicians all over the world get excited about being able to provide effective and meaningful remote care, while saving time.

We're not in the business of creating an online clinic to dominate the market. We want to empower clinicians to do business on their terms, while providing the best level of care to their patients. Creating an accessible market, for all.
Thoughtful Growth

We're building for you.

We're not about relentless marketing. By taking iterative steps, we can make sure we're building a fantastic product that gets better and better with your direct input.
We'll always be open to suggestions for new features and modifications.
All patients will have opportunities to provide input for the building of their supportive space.

Purpose-Built Team

Our founding team is purpose-built to bring you PhysiPal, a dynamic duo with 15+ years of domain and technical experience.
We're supported by our partners and team of advisors, engineers, and creatives.
Aaya Hakeem
Ahmed Hakeem
Nic Bolto
Toby McSweeney
Matt Godden
Toh Yen Pang
Senior Engineer
Ying Zhi Cheong
Hayden Kwok
Rei Tzer
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